The Garden of all the Trees

a kiss a sign of kinship - two people kissingThe laws of society are represented by several different trees – symbols of the variety of people which constitutes a community.

The main unit of society was the kindred – the family unit –and that included several degrees of relationship, even up to the ninth degree or more. Members would depend on the support of the kindred in administrative and legal instances, especially in the payment of galanas

PlaqueThe top plaque shows the ceremony of accepting a young illegitimate son into the kindred. An illegitimate son received the same rights as the other sons, provided his father acknowledged him as his own. The child was received by the ‘pencenedl' (head of kindred) by "taking the child's hands between his own hands and giving him a kiss, for a kiss is a sign of kinship" also the plaque underneath names the 3 crafts which a serf was not allowed to be taught without the Lord’s permission. i.e. that of a bard, priest or blacksmith

multi coloured bricks illustrating the arrival of representatives from all over WalesThe traditional association of "Ty Gwyn ar Daf" with the conference summoned by Hywel is depicted in the three colourful brickwork imbedded in the ground and include figures of the main clerics likely to have attended the Conference - the Archbishop of Menevia and the Abbots and Priors - and also one of particular interest illustrating the main social classes of the time.

This project under Axis 3 Developing Identity and Distinctiveness program has received funding by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, The Welsh Assembly Government and Carmarthenshire County Council.

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