The Ash Garden

The Ash GardenThe Laws of Property. This is the furthest and the last in the series of gardens. It was the designer's intention that the peace and tranquility of this garden would enable the visitor to meditate and reflect on what he/she had already learnt. The flexibility, straightness and grain of the Ash makes it ideal for tools and implements and it has been chosen to represent the laws of property.

The Ash GardenEach animal had its value and compensation had to be paid if it did not come up to standard e.g. The qualities of a mare are to pull a sledge up hill and down hill, and to carry a load, and to bear foals; if she is not so, if she has been sold let one-third of her value be returned.

A cat was worth a penny when it was born, two pence when it opened its eyes and four pence when it proved it could kill mice.

The Ash GardenThe other plaques refer to the rights regarding taking wood from the forests.

This project under Axis 3 Developing Identity and Distinctiveness program has received funding by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, The Welsh Assembly Government and Carmarthenshire County Council.

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